Simon & Louise (SLOVAK)

éditeur : ej.
juin 2020

It’s summer.
Simon leaves for holidays with his mother and Louise goes on vacation with her parents, so they are separated by 520 kilometres.
They promised to write each other, call, send photos, but a few days after coming to the sea, a Facebook status pops up that Louise changed the relationship information to single on her profile.
Does this really mean the end of S + L ? Or do they still have a chance ?
A summer story about first loves, one road trip and everything imaginable.

Text & Art : Max de Radigués
Translation : Aňa Ostrihoňová
Lay-out Boris Meluš
Size : 180 x 245
Pages : 124
Softcover otabind
Retail price : 18,90 EUR
For age : 13-16 years
ISBN 978-80-99954-03-9
EAN 9788099954039

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