publisher : Conundrum Press
May 2015

Joe is a shy high school student who is relentlessly bullied, and must find comfort in the natural world. Soon however, his story twists into a tale of power and fear complete with visual symbolism and beautiful cartooning. The morally ambiguous ending will keep you thinking long after you close the covers. Already a success in French (published by Delcourt) the English version was serialized in small mini comic chapters through Oily Comics in the US. Moose is the highly anticipated collected volume.

“These are absolutely beautiful little objects and de Radiguès’ trembling but clear line and angular character design is perfectly matched to the subject matter.” — Rob Clough

“MOOSE screwed my head on backwards !” — Steve Bissette (Swamp Thing)


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Autres Traduction

Alerte 5 (Türkçe)

Simon & Louise (ITALIANO)

Simon & Louise (DEUTSCH)


Gli anni difficili (italiano)

Stig & Tilde 3 : Der Club der Loser

Stig & Tilde 2 : Die Rudelführerin

Stig & Tilde 1 : Die Insel der Verschollenen

Stig & Tilde 3 (UK - USA)

Simon & Louise (SLOVAK)

Bękart (polski)

Stig & Tilde 2 (UK - USA)

Stig & Tilde 1 (UK - USA)

Simon & Louise (USA)


BASTARDO (español)

Bastard (DEUTSCH)

Bastard (USA)


Simon & Louise (Deutsch/Français)

WEEGEE (néerlandais)

HOBO MOM (italiano)

Rough Age (USA)